By Dollykgray


I had lunch with a close girlfriend, her hubby and her mother today. My friends are down from Brisbane so I don't get to see them every time I am in Australia although we often catch up when she is visiting her mother in Bendigo. We had fun catching up and planning their trip when they come over to see us in Austria in September this year.
Afterwards I went to stay with a friend who broke a bone in her foot yesterday - same as I did 2 years ago, 5th metatarsal. Seems like it is a common injury.
I went for a quick walk as it was trying to rain to try and catch the rainbow lorikeets which gather in the trees in the evening. I have often seen photos from Downunder on Blip and realise that I really miss them. It was hard to focus on them in the trees then I saw 4 of them on the power lines. These 2 kindly posed for me and I thought them perfect for the Colour Month Challenge and the colour has not been enhanced at all, only the exposure.
My invalid friend requested one of my dishes for dinner and I cooked it which we washed down with a bottle of Prosecco. we had a lovely evening despite the circumstances

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