The Wren

By TheWren

Tea time ...

Glorious day! I had my art class in the morning which was very relaxing then once home from my walk it was back into the garden for some serious hedge pruning. I had already done one side of the leylandi but now the top and back beckoned! The problem this time though, was that numerous wasps have recently been lured into the hedge by the sticky sap of the growing branches and as I worked they seemed rather put out! As I was perched perilously on the top of a ladder with a power hedge trimmer in hand it was a bit tricky. Anyway I finished the task with no major problem.

Next on my To Do list was to clean the filter in the pond. While I was busy doing this I noticed the peacock alighting onto one of the edging stones. I quietly found my camera and took a quick photo in case it moved and then tried focussing in on telephoto - only to find that it had flitted! I just had the one shot! So I'm afraid the image is heavily cropped and therefore not as sharp as I would have liked but you can still see quite clearly that he is busy eating what looks like a small grub with his long tongue well extended. I am actually thrilled with the image - although imperfect - as he is such a beauty and I also love the shadow too where you can see his antennae.

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