Keeping warm

Our solitary koi is cuddling up to the equivalent of a fishy electric blanket – a pond heater.
He shares our pond with one Chinese goldfish and six golden orf.  They were three koi but a local  heron snaffled the other two so this one  got moved to a lower pond, which is inaccessible to herons because of  our super large laurel hedge (25ft).
The koi carp is thought to be a symbol of luck, prosperity, and good fortune within Japan. The name “koi” itself is Japanese and simply means, “carp” in the Japanese language.

 For some time I have suspected that the cat deterrent, bought at some considerable expense from Amazon online was ineffective..  It is supposed to emit a high-pitched noise which cats dislike, except today I found Taz  sleeping under the hedge next to it.


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