Two Mums

We had my sisters and their families and my parents over for Mothers Day and although I took several photos of 'groups' and individuals, this unguarded one of my sister Rebecca and my Mum was the best by far.

My Mum's Alzheimer's; anxiety, confusion and inappropriateness is getting steadily worse and Dad (as full time carer) feels the strain.  

But it brings its lighthearted moments too.  

Becca was telling us how last weekend she cooked Cauliflower cheese with the roast dinner, and Mum helped herself to a potion... into her empty wine glass...and proceeded to 'drink' it from there.  Elliot (9) was delighted and was imploring Becca to video it so they could put it on YouTube!

At least we're still laughing ..... well, just about...

Great to see my sisters et al today, a very happy Mothering Sunday to you both, and of course to our precious Mum. xxx

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