Easter has arrived

In the form of this fine Lindt display. You'll be happy to hear that none of them came home with me, but I really couldn't resist the hot cross buns!!! I know, it's sooo wrong. My dad would not be pleased with me :(.

Went to see a doctor today following on from my blood test the week before last and happy to report all is well with my heart! BP under control, cholesterol good, iron good, could do with losing 5kgs, but I already knew that!

My knee on the other hand needs seeing to, I actually wore a brace today to go into town as it really is quite painful. Don't know what I've done to it. Bummer ...

PS. I need to apologise for my lack of commenting, life seems to have taken over a bit and time seems to be slipping away! I'm so sorry, I will get back to normal later this week when Martin is away :).

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