By scribbler

Future at risk

Journal collage.

I found a few of these snippets on my dining table, though I don't remember having saved them or cut them out. They proved irresistible. I just had to make a collage. 

With the help of a few drawings from an old New Yorker, I did. My additions include coloring the hair of the Commander-in-Tweet, making his tie red and his face orange, and lengthening the flagpole so the flag is at half mast. Plus the hand-lettering, of course. And the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, don'tcha think:?

I really needed to dabble in art today, after many hours yesterday working on my new novel. I'm very happy with my collage. Art class starts again in two weeks.

Edit: Made a few snarky snarky additions to the artwork; this is the final version, with changed thumbnail.

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