The Picture Taker


300th Blip!!!

This 300th blip thing sort of sneaked up on me, as these things often do.  When I arrived home from a weekend away yesterday, I of course downloaded many pictures from the weekend onto my computer.  As everyone here knows, it take a while to cull and edit.  So I got my 3 blips and signed on.  The first two photos uploaded fine, but the third wouldn't give me the Publish button.  I tried a couple of times and then got the "you already have a photo for this day" message.  I said, "I have not!" and it finally let me publish.  So at about 9:30 last night, I bolt upright from my sitting watching TV position and say, possibly out loud to no-one, "Oh my gosh!  That photo wasn't from today!  It was from yesterday.  You (I'm talking to myself) didn't get your camera out of it's bag while you had several suitcases and a purse in your hands and take a picture on the way to the airport.  Oh no!  I need a blip!!"  So I took an emergency blip, which I have added to yesterday's page.

I live in Wisconsin, so my 300th blip is hat's off to that. I am glad that I have gotten this blipping started and look forward to making more of an effort to journal and take better pictures.  I also hope to spend more time looking at other people's blips. On to 365.

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