The second half of life..

By twigs

Record breaker

Swimming sports today.  It's late this year due to various changes and other events way beyond our control, but events that nevertheless begged us to reconsider when we had the swimming champs.  We decided that they'd be swum today a few weeks ago then held our collective breaths for fine weather (it's an outdoor pool) - and those magnificent weather gods delivered in spades!  23 degrees and beautiful blue skies.

So today heralded the last time we're likely to see this young man in our pool, at least swimming in our event.  He arrived 4 years ago and blew us all away as a 13 year old racing 7events, winning 7 events and setting 7 records.  He's achieved similar results each year since so our school swimming records now look like a long list of his name.  He has Olympic dreams and, if the past 4 years is an indication of his determination to succeed, he should get there.  I shall continue to watch his progress with interest and total admiration for his utterly amazing work ethic.

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