What a difference a day makes!

Yesterday 16C felt like 19C  -  today 7C feels like 3C!  Daffodils through the kitchen window this time  -  it rained last night and they are looking very droopy, peely-wally and wet:(  Only bright thing today was receiving my RPS Certificate in Photography this morning  -  see my extra. I did the RPS/OU course at the end of last year.  Thoroughly enjoyed it  -  especially the forums.  RPS too expensive for me to join, but you can register for free on their website and get loads of downloads for free there.  One that interested me was written by a flower photographer called Polina Plotnikova (what a wonderful name for a flower photographer) and she says she does a lot of flower photography in the studio because there are no gusts of wind to cause disturbance, also unlike people they don't fidget or talk back!  Clearly a photographer with a sense of humour:)  Another item of interest was a workshop happening in Amersham on the 27th April called "Introduction to mindfulness, meditation and how this links to photography"  -  too far away for me to attend but interesting  -  maybe someone will write about it on the web!

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