The longest stairway of the Netherlands

The counting stairway 508 on the Wilhelmina Berg - 8 pass over the Domtoren in Utrecht- bridges 90 meters and 248 meters long. Because the steps below are much wider than the top (below 12 meters to 2 meters above), it seems like the stairway is infinite. And actually it feels so well in your calves as you walk to the top. The staircase is also a popular spot for runners.

After 63 years of coal mining, Wilhelmina mine was closed in 1969. What remained was a huge mine slag heaps. The largest stone mountain of our country has a volume of up to 20 million m³. Excavation was too much work and too expensive, so an alternative was devised. The Wilhelmina Mountain proved a perfect place to ski - in SnowWorld, you can visit the indoor slopes all year round - it turned out to be perfect for the construction of the longest stage of the Netherlands.

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