Prisoner 24601

By Alfin

Wednesday Woes

Had to take the morning off work today to wait in for 'the man' to call to fix our dishwasher.

Said man arrived on time, but could not make the repair as, despite emails to the contrary, he wasn't aware of what part was required.

So, another visit is required.

These events rip my knitting. Being in the service industry, I know how important the little things are to customers, especially those who are having to reschedule days to suit an engineer's visit.


While 'the man' was faffing about I took the opportunity to clean my cameras as both have been in heavy action since Saturday.

As I posted a Blip of the HX300, here's one of the A6000.

The A6000 is a powerful piece of hardware and a camera I would thoroughly recommend. 

Roll on Thursday .....!

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