By jac1954

You Never Know When You May Need

A big pair of safety BOOTS
These are my free gift !!!!!!!!!
A job on the outside of a factory cleaning a large golf physio trailer
it goes all around the world attending all the great golf tournaments
and they needed our little company to dust and spruce after having some new parts fitted...
BUT the director of the fittings co ,      Said they must be wearing SAFETY boots, we were asked at 8.30am if we had safety boots no we don't normally need such things..We wear trainers or just our socks ???
well could you buy some on the way in and add it to the bill........
Bizarre job,
but all three of us have the gift of the right boots to walk past the factory. Free !!!!...
Actually I found them quite comfy,
As I say you never know what your day will contain.

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