In An Instant

By MrRosewarne

'No Bull'

Well, what a day.

Where do I start. Had an early meausure up down at Pearcedale. It was an outside deal and the wind was blowing a gale, my papers were getting blown all over the place, then the owners dog's started jumping on me and my notes with their grubby muddy feet. (I was wearing black, not a good combo with mud). Finished that and was back in the office by lunchtime. Jumped on AutoCAD and quickly drew up my measure up (this part went very well, and all my dimensions added up and closed at the perimeter).

Had to get home for Bella's birthday party tonight, and 5 minutes from the office a lady ran up my backside while I was sitting at a red light at Kew Junction. Okay peak hour traffic on one of Melbourne's bussiest intersections exchanging details is NOT fun.

Got home to find the kids trampoline had blown over in the wind and crashed into our back fence wrecking the cage around it. Then had to call the insurance company and make a claim (another half an hour gone).

Leaving in the morning to go on holidays for a couple of weeks the timing was shocking.

Anyway Mrs Rosewarne and the kids made their own pasta for dinner tonight and it was delicious, hust waiting for some of the chocolate cake we made 2 nights ago before starting to pack our bags. HERE'S The Pasta.

Thr kids were playing with their farm animals on the table and saw the pile of freshly picked parsley on the choping board. Bang-blip done.

Next blip from NZ.

News post blip, HERE is the birthday girl blowing out her candles.

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