Blue Hamish

By BlueHamish

I wanted a tattoo of that bloke from The Jam

That doesn't look anything like Paul Weller to me!

Hope I haven't offended anyone with the use of the image. I see it used in a derogatory way on FB every now and then and that get's my back up but this is simply a reference to and old use of the image on a certain fruit based product that goes very nicely on some hot buttery toast.

Matthew arrived safely in France and remembered to let us know the same day as opposed to several days later. Well done lad.

Off to the cinema tonight to see 20th Century Women. I know little about it but it was all we could get to use up vouchers for a cinema that has premium seats for two set around a bistro table where you can eat and drink. It's so popular that anything worth seeing sells out almost immediately as these premium seats are limited in numbers. I'm hoping the film will be good despite not knowing anything about it and despite the fact that the seats weren't snapped up and you know what, if that's not the case, I will just drink more wine!

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