Where's BikerBear ..........

 ................ Now?  (WBBN) ...... a totally redundant title, I think.

Day 15/20 .............

I had a beautiful Bullock's Oriole to post (I've never seen one before) - I was thrilled to catch him BUT when I saw this female grackle I was swayed.  
She's straight out of the camera (except for the "edge") and I'm not sure what happened to the contrast but I love the effect.

For your interest (I hope) today, in the extras there are:

A yellow "button" flower for FlowerFriday31

A Bullock's Oriole

A cute Pocket Gopher (who may need a trip to the dentist at some point - lol)

A Silky Flycatcher (complete with fly/bug)

Another kind of flycatcher I think - info welcomed - lol

Thank you so much for all your comments, stars and hearts - and especial thanks to my blipbuddies on this trip for making it a fantastic one (again).
Stretch Bunny (yesterday) made it to page one of the populars ..... thank you all sooooooooooooooo much!!  x

~ Anni ~ 

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