Pinhole (EP4)

As I write this, 90 contributions have been made to last week's Experimental Photography Challenge (DIY filters), and you have come up with some extraordinary results (here's the community portfolio). Thank you all for participating and inspiring others with your ideas and creativity. Hearts for EP3 will be awarded on Monday, April 3rd.

This week's challenge will be Pinhole Photography. It was Flashcube here on blipfoto who's pinhole series awoke my interest in pinhole photography, and when lynnfot suggested it as a challenge,  I decided to build my own pinhole cap. It was much easier than I had imagined, so I suggest you give it a try yourself (I have been told that you can also buy them and that they are not expensive. Flashcube, for example, did her pinhole series with a HOLGA lens). Selfmade pinhole caps tend to produce blurry images, and I have fallen in love with these "imperfections" they produce. 

The challenge here is choosing the right subject for your pinhole shot. Not everything (or not every point of view or perspective) results in great or special photos. Again: Be curious and creative. 
Since this is such a rich field and some of you might need a few days to buy or make a pinhole cap/lens, this challenge will run for two weeks.

This week's challenge: Pinhole photography
Tag: EP4
Go for: Artistic impression.
Heartdonor: My wife Carla 

You can publish your contribution on any day until Saturday, April 15th. Don't forget to tag it with EP4. 
The next challenge will be published on April 15th (suggestions are always welcome). Hearts for this challenge will be awarded on Monday, April 17th.

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