In Which We Meet New Friends

You didn't think I made it out of the Palmer Museum on Thursday without a little something special from the gift shop, now, did you? ;-)

As I was leaving the museum, I stopped for what I thought would be a quick look around the gift shop. The fellow who runs it was standing there unwrapping some new toys, and I just had to have a look.

Well, by the time he was done, I was ready to offer him all the money in my pocket for everything on the counter. But I compromised, and got just these three creatures.

The one on the left is a pink glass flamingo. I think the Dancing Girls will enjoy this wonderful new steed! But I may need to figure out how to put something under its feet so it doesn't chip, as it's quite delicate.

The middle critter - Yikes! Spikes! - is a porcupine. Very spiny and sharp, but with a lovely personality. There will be NO riding of this creature, oh no, ouchie-ouchie-ouchie!

And the one on the right is a praying mantis, very colorful and fun, and prone to jujitsu (Hi-YAHH!!!). One of the red-shirts did take a quick ride on its head, and lived to tell about it. So we'll consider it a success.

The porcupine and mantis are Oaxacan wood carvings, hand-carved and painted by the Zapotec Indians in Southern Mexico. They are just delightful, and quite reasonably priced. I fear I may have to go back soon for more! (Here, please take all my munnies! No, really, I mean it!)

We have just met, but I can only imagine all of the fun we'll have together. Here's to making new friends!

The song to accompany this posting is a tune for welcoming new friends: With a Little Help From My Friends. Here's a version by Paul McCartney and Ringo Star; and one performed by Joe Cocker at Woodstock.

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