Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Man Hours

We caught the 6.20am flight from Bristol Airport for our flight to Budapest via Schipol Airport (Holland) with KLM airlines. On arriving at Budapest half of the plane's passangers suitcases did not arrive.

Mrs BB had her two cases but mine appeared missing, so with about 60 others we spent 2 hours queuing to raise a claim. We missed our transfer and arranging another caused further delay.

On arriving at our hotel my case was at reception!!! It appears a lady in a wheelchair pointed to a suitcase on the baggage claim and a helper wheeled it out and she took it to her hotel. It was at the hotel she discovered it wasn't her case but luckily we were staying at the same hotel - hence it's arrival before me! My case did have my details on - she just didn't check it. What a waste of 'man hours'!!!

The blipfoto shows a 'man' inside the electronic clock at Schipol airport, cleaning it. It's very convincing but it's actually light display of a man 'cleaning' the clock and repainting the correct time with his cloth! Superb working art.

The motto:  Make sure your suitcase sticks out like a sore thumb!

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