St Andrews, The Scottish Episcopal Church

A lovely start to the day which clouded over really quickly so my plan to sit in the sun by the harbour after the Doctors was nt quite like I envisaged.
I went in on time to see the Nurse for my, now, three monthly bloods. The nurse took a look at my veins and asked if I was a difficult one. Well I am but Dr forth was always able to find the right place without too much trouble. Unfortunately the Nurse tried three painful times and could nt get in so had to call one of the doctors.It was a Doctor I had nt met before and she was really nice and found the right spot right away.
The Nurse was rather embarrassed and apologised and told me to see Dr Forth next time. I was abit worried I was using up his valuable time but she said not to worry.
I felt abit giddy after so sat on the bench, once I recovered I walked down to the harbour. It was still nice even though it was cloudy. I was going to sit on the Green bench near the church rather than walk all the way down the hill but someone was on it already so I headed for the next one, someone there too so I did walk all the way down in the end.
The tide was out and there was plenty of sand so I walked along the edge of the water watching the curlew and oystercatchers.
Then back up the little hill to take some photos of the daffs and then up the big hill to home :)

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