A 11 hour training day and I will have to be back at 06:30 Pacific Time tomorrow with more training and more chances to excel not fail. This is a mound of some of the training and hiring paperwork. When I pass this training then the second part of training kicks in. The second training should be over around the 14 of April. When I pass all that then my 90 day probationary period begins..

Part of todays training was the requirement of lifting a 60 pound / 27.2 kg off the ground properly and put it on a shelf above my head, then properly take that weight off the shelf and put it on the ground. Then take a 80 pound / 36.3 kg and properly lift and carry across the room and put on a shelf. I also had a Stairmaster endurance test with heartbeat monitor. I was happy to find out my heartrate was slightly below the normal range during the entire test for my age. I guess eating right, walking, etc is working ;-)

Very tired with a little homework to do.. Till tomorrow

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