The Blackcountry Man

By brickmaker

Deep Slumber...

Three nights of hard partying, drinking and eating have taken a toll on some of the folks, Mrs BM and one of the folks on the coach are oblivious to everything, even though Mrs BM said she was only resting her eyes.

Our journey back to the Black Country was uneventful and took 1/2 hour less than expected, full of the joys of the New Year we were still in a playful mood on the way back as more practical jokes were pulled.

Yesterday was quite good fun as we won the quiz again and took 4 prizes on the raffle, along with two wins on the bingo for two of our ladies totaling over £200, I would say this was a very good start to the New Year, lets hope it continues.

Tomorrow I am off to see if I can sell my Stamp collection for a good price, then I can have a new 5D MK2, wish me luck.

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