This is breakfast at 900 meters above sea level on Cabezón de Oro mountain. We can see it from our place

We were up and on the route by 9:13 am. After 1,5 hours of going up we stopped for well deserved breakfast.

We went up as high as 1054 meters, but the peak was at 1207. The trail got a bit scary for me and I wanted to get back on the circular route and forget about the additional leg for the peak. We hiked for 4,5 hours and went up 646 meters and came down the same. There weren't many level places. My legs got a really good workout. I think my face was red most of the time :-)

The route was great (except the leg for the peak). It was challenging enough and long enough and had some spectacular views. Plus the route signs were good this time. We managed to stay on the trail and go the full circle. I think I wanna do this one again.

More pics in Instagram. You'll see the full picture when you click on the thumbnails.

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