Abstract Thursday : : Conundrum

Raining again now
Nothing to read except a 
Japanese pattern.

I solved the problem of the Japanese pattern by looking at the picture of the garment and figuring it out on my own. I've had plenty of time on my hands today, but I have been sitting too long and my head aches. Sometimes I wonder if my brain is working at all

We rolled out our new dark brown rug. Rugs are problematic. We matched it to our Ozzie who is a black lab,, but can't exactly roll it up when we have a white dog visiting. Olive, Tim's white dog has been here this week. It's a good thing she favors Ozzie's bed during the day. At night she and OilMan have decamped to the guest bedroom because we simply cannot have two big dogs in our bed. I'm afraid OilMan really is a bit of a pushover...he now refers to Olive as his "girlfriend'...She is quite attached to him and not about to give him up to Ozzie and me at night. 

Ozzie isn't supposed to sleep on our bed either, but that's a slippery slope we started rolling down when we moved....

High winds and heavy rain are predicted tonight. With OilMan and his girlfriend in the other room, and the branches banging against the outside bedroom wall, I may get quite a bit more knitting done before dawn....

Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting a challenge to get me to look at ordinary things differently....and to Scribbler for getting me to try to say things differently....

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