American Goldfinch

Not the best of photos but I got just this one photo of her before she disappeared; she is one of the very few Goldfinch I have seen in my yard this year. I am beginning to worry that they were dwindling in this area. We used to have so many of them; I haven't seen any Pine Siskin this year too. They usually travel together....maybe I am remembering the time they are here....maybe it is later? I hope so.
Today was a day to pamper myself. A nice lunch out with friends followed by a Manicure & Pedicure......then the weekly trip to Costco to get some of my favorite goodies, along with the things on Hubby's list: bread, eggs, fruits and vegetables. He keeps me eating healthy with what he prepares......the "goodies" are what keep me happy. :-) until I get on the scale. :-((   Oh well, I am getting too old to worry about a few pound up or down.
Hope all of you are happily ending the work week and ready with fun plans for the weekend.  

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