Chicken Ballet

What a glorious day, so many photos I could have chosen for todays blip but the dancing chicken won :)
On the way to Inverness we saw some new born lambs soo tiny and with their cords still attached so really young.
We picked up the clothes I had ordered from M&S and had a quick shop in Morrisons before going down to North Kessock for a cup of tea. The tide was going out quickly, we watched a yacht sail away in the distance and waited for the Dolphin Spirit tour boat to go between the pillars of the bridge. Along our favourite road where we saw a large group of kayakers enjoying the Spring weather and calm conditions. Fields with sheep and lambs were hidden behind the blooming gorse. Shelducks swam way s the car drove nearer. We watched ting black lambs in a field near Allangrange and I had to get out to take some photos of the wonderful chickens that were roaming and scratching about in the field. I do like a chicken and this one caught my eye with the sunlight behind his feathers.
I've been in the garden watering and pottering and will go back outside once I've put my blip on to watch the sunset. Happy days :))

Think I saw a magpie near Munlochy.
The boats are back in the water in Avoch.

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