Mrs Happy

By Riwaka7

In the zone

The inaugural Kai Fest was a good place to people watch and take some photos. This chap was drumming and the beat was very catchy and quite hypnotic.
Some extras to show the parade of the elements we need to grow good food which is what the word kai means. Red for the sun, blue for the river and sea, green and yellow and brown for the earth and the white was the long white cloud for Aotearoa.
Plenty of stalls with food and crafts, some good entertainment from girls singing Lorde numbers, to Samoan dancers and everything in between.
Thousands of people and a warm, calm blue sky sunny day. Couldn't have been better.
There was a parade, a pageant telling the story of Maui taming the sun, and games which i didn't stay for.
In the end I came home for my kai- a tomato sandwich.

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