Montrose Basin Tern Raft

The Nature Reserve Visitor's Centre was very busy today so I didn't stay long  -  long enough to have an ice cream cornet though. When the Centre was renovated a few months ago the ice cream frig wasn't replaced:(  I was pleased to see that it has now re-appeared:)  I stayed long enough to blip the Tern Raft. No Terns there yet but they are due to start thinking about nesting within the next few weeks. The raft was installed in 2008 and most years since then they have used it. You can read about it HERE!  I hope I will be blipping it again when the Terns have arrived. The sacks you can see are full of shells.  Within the next few days the Rangers will be scattering them onto the deck. Then the birds  -  who have travelled all the way from West Africa  -  will scrape them together to form nests.

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