Now then ... HERE'S a bit of abject lunacy fit to rattle your teeth.

If ever "The keys" were mislaid, my argument ran thus:-
"We're home?" - Yes, ergo the keys are here, or we couldn't have driven home.
"We ARE in the house?" - Yes, ergo we used they keys to get in.
"The house is locked?" - Yes, ergo the keys are on the inside SOMEWHERE, since the door won't "slam-lock" like a "Yale".
WELL, .... It happened again. TWO of us have sought, off and on, for a couple of hours or more.
(OK, maybe more "off" than "on" but we HAVE moved about every damn thing in the house, some TWICE) still can't find them.
Even dafter, more or less by accident, the only spare set is, guess where? INSIDE the bloody car, visible on the back seat.
Dafter yet: I remember, last night thinking "Bugger, that's covered the keys, I'll not be able to see them in the a.m".
I can now announce (9th April) They have been found.
I had inadvertently, placed them in a plastic tray scheduled for recycling. By morning I had forgotten the incident, except inasmuch as the fact they were covered, I couldn't remember WHERE!
I then lifted the tray, while looking and placed it much farther back on the work-top. I tend not to move the recycling anywhere as frequently as I did on Alice's watch; hence the 2 weeks to find them.
This poor bloke spent 1.5 hours like top pic. using 1 or 2 items like middle pic. before he gave up.
It was solved by phoning the dealer, who gave me a 4 digit code which the Locksmith phoned elsewhere to receive what sounded like a string of 6-8 numbers. He then fed them into the small device, "circled" at right.
This resulted in the wee bit of metal seen in my hand. Just enough to do the trick if wielded in a sturdy pair of Pliers.


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