Luib Chonnal Tearoom

Tongue in cheek, on other social media, I made reference to our walk to the very remote Luib Chonnal tearoom. A well maintained mountain bothy, it is very famous in mountaineering circles, enjoying a superb wilderness location on the west side of the River Roy - River Spey water shed. We have talked about walking here for a while and an early (for a Saturday) start allowed us this longer than usual outing.
You can really see the glacial and ongoing fluvial action here. There are huge banks of moraine rising from the river still under constant erosion, fluvial terraces and parallel roads. The highest parallel road coincides with the Roy-Spey watershed indicating that this stage of impoundment once spilled east in to the Spey system; westward flow yet dammed by a glacier filled Glen Spean Valley. When we talk dinosaurs, fossils in coal seams and the like (tens of millions of years ago) it is worth putting the recent ice ages in to context as a blink (a 10,000 year blink) of the eye.

Perhaps in 10,000 years someone may operate the bothy as a tearoom but for absolute clarity and to avoid disappointment until then you currently need to take your own biscuit and coffee in a flask.

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