Old Harry Heat Haze

Wow! What a glorious day! I'd arranged to meet one of my sons and his little family for a picnic on the beach and what a fabulous day it turned out to be! Hot and sunny, like a lovely summer's day :)) It was so lovely to enjoy the sunshine together, building sandcastles and paddling on the edge of the sea, which I have to admit was freezing but there were some hardier souls who were actually in the water!

The only thing was, we weren't the only ones planning a trip to the beach. Fortunately, the beach here is literally miles of golden sand, so plenty of room for everyone - the same can't be said of the car parks....... We ended up with our cars parked more than 3 kilometres apart! Guess who was the one to walk the 3+ km each way....... Apparently, I've walked more than 12 km today in total, as I'd already parked a considerable distance from the main carpark to avoid the scrummage for spaces!

This photo was one of the first I took - the zoom lens being used at it's maximum 300 mm. You can see Old Harry Rocks through the (heat?) haze and lots of activity on the sea - everyone was making the most of the glorious weather. You can even see people standing on top of the cliffs! 

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments , stars and hearts for yesterday's blip and for the warm welcome home - you are all most kind!

I hope you've been able to get out enjoy at least some of this beautifully sunny weekend! Have a great week!

Ann :))

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