Ruby Wedding Anniversary

Some recent weeks of preparations have gone into this! Well not the anniversary, 2 of us have had to work hard for 40 years for that! However the details of how it should be celebrated were organised by The Daughters.

The Sheffield Tribe booked an apartment in Newhaven, Edinburgh and the Edinburgh contingent invited The Man and I to come and stay with them. This resulted in a very happy family weekend.

So today we were propelled into action by The Tribe coming up the stairs to the flat. A bit of snake wrestling and then we were out to the local playing field. (See us in extras!) Then we traveled by bus into the city centre and walked up an awful lot of steps from Grassmarket up to the castle. (See us in extras!)

We were turned out of two pubs where we would have loved to have rested, let a 3 year-old sleep and had a glass of wine! Mummy carries sleepy infant on!

We sit around the Scot Monument and regroup with S and Kat before heading to Newhaven (In extras!) We had a table booked at Loch Fyne (in extras) the restaurant, not way out in the west of Scotland, in blipper Richard country!) I went for everything fishy I could get in my little dishy! (yes, see extras!)

The evening was rounded off in the apartment by Rachel pouring Champagne (see it in extras) and us playing cards while the sun set (yes, see that in extras,too!)

So on my blip, The Man and I (the oldies) Kat on the left, Rachel on the right, Rachel's children Emily and Daniel on their knees.

Thank you, girls, and your menfolk, for a wonderful day!

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