Return to the North

By Viking

A host of golden daffodils

My aunt mentioned yesterday that she was taking her car in for its MOT and was then heading into Hull for the morning. (being a pensioner she is on a free bus pass so can go a good distance for free) I thought it would be a good idea to go with her She particularly wanted to see the Poppies -which have been installed in the main square, draping down a building. I had seen them at Lincoln Castle last year so was keen for a gander again in a different context. I was also keen to sample some of the delights of the 'City of Culture 2017'. I haven't been into the centre of Hull for maybe 30 years!!!! This year there is a ton of great stuff going on and being so close (maybe 30 mins drive) I am determined to get to some of it. And that started today! 
There is art everywhere - it is FANTASTIC. We arrived at the bus station and there are fixings on the windows (motifs etc) As we headed through to the main square I potted this sea of yellow in the distance. At first (like many i suppose) I thought they were real daffodils on display. As I got close however I noticed that they weren't real, and in fact were all made of lego. It was such a great installation. There just for the day (can't imagine the lego would stay in situ overnight!) They really just brightened up the whole street and had everyone talking.
We then headed into the Ferens Art Gallery for a viewing of both a Rembrandt (on loan from the Royal household) and some Francis Bacon artwork. My aunt remarked that she had got to the age of very nearly 70 without ever having been to an art gallery before. I was quite humbled by that idea. She was really engaged with the art which was lovely to see. (she didn't really think too much of the Francis Bacon!) 
From the 22nd April they have a Lucien Freud and Ron Mueck exhibition starting. Muecks work - I saw an exhibition of his in Christchurch before the earthquake and he is inspired! So I will be heading back to Hull later in the month (and taking auntie with me :-))) 
Anyway, I chose this shot because I just loved the lego but you can see other shots here

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