Qu'est-ce que je fais ?

By waitingforgodot

Peak Shadow

Another mostly uneventful day... I spoke with my neighbour, with whom I have been going out on semi-regular walks, on the phone about recent relationship woes. We also met during the drying phase of her laundry duties for a brief walk. It's one of those situations in which I wish I were ten years younger, despite knowing that our compatibility would only go so far.

I also had phone conversations with my kids back in Michigan. My daughter has taken to motherhood quite well, but the preponderance of the conversation was about her hovering mother-turned-grandmother, who has nothing but good intentions, but has been a bit on the overbearing side. My son continues to struggle with life and finances, something which can't help him with beyond giving him advice.

After my brief walk with my neighbour, I set out on my own to fulfill my photo-a-day projects. I think I need to get to other, not-so-nearby parts of town. I feel that things are getting stale with my photos. Still, I somehow managed to find some things I'd not seen or noticed before. Sometimes, the position of the sun makes all the difference. Today, this pyramid-like shape on a garage door across the street caught my eye.

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