Tiny Tuesday :food

Matt took Bella back early this morning, what a wonderful few days we've had. Many thanks for all your lovely comments and stars on my blips. Bella knows she will come again in the school holidays.
I had time to tidy up and Hoover before my sister Kate came over. We had lunch then she drove me to Wilmslow to visit Jade's new venture a salon. It's superb and they are having a launch next week.
Had a great catch up with Kate after she left I walked around the garden and took several photos. This is apple blossom. I really hope the frost doesn't kill it this year and I get some lovely apples.
I'm off down to London for a few days tomorrow to stay with my friend Jaquie. I can't go to Lourdes as I can't fly but I'm going to wave them off on Saturday then go to the Tate Modern to the photography exhibition.

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