The Math...

Bethany is wanting to build an Android app. It's quite funny watching her formulate her ideas. She wants to start with login and password screens, then menus to get into different games within her app. Basically, designing back to front.

In amongst all that, we've come up with a couple of ideas for games one of which we did some recce for tonight.

We built a very rudimentary GPS reporter to find out coordinates for a sizable area that we can use and we went for an area just bigger than the rugby pitch. This is her writing out the coordinates for the nect part. We now (I believe I've been delegated with this task) have to work out the Math to translate those coordinates into x and y coordinates for the screen.

Parralellay, we live near latitude of -3.41 which got me wondering if longitude and lattitude for PI was anywhere interesting.... it's not really. Just the sea off the west coast of Africa.

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