Mrs Happy

By Riwaka7

Filling in the day

 A wet miserable day with the threat of Cyclone Cook hanging over us. 40mm overnight and 20mm more so far today. No problems locally but then I haven’t poked my nose out the door all day. I have been busy scanning the photos loaned to me a week ago and naming them as I go.  
A bit of a cheat blip today. I scanned rather than took the photo but I have edited it with Lightroom. It often brings out details you could hardly see before. In LR the Preset Auto Tone does a lot of the work in one hit. Then there are spots to be cloned out. Give the photo a light dust before starting as most spots I found were just dust and every one shows up.
This photo is of my grandmother Isabella Smith before she married Bert Stretch. Taken in 1906 she is front left and was cook at Purau Station near Lyttleton. I thought from this she cooked for the shepherds but no, she cooked in the owners house for the family but had her photo taken with the other staff.

The extra shows what it was like originally.Although not a top notch photo with silvering still evident it fills a gap I had of her life before marriage.

To finish, we went to the Nelson Repertory's Fiddler on the Roof last night. The first show since the Motueka Memorial Hall was refurbished it was most professional and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Been humming about rich men all day.

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