Seaton Sluice

Yet another day off work, this time to attend a medical arranged by my insurance company - MrM also took a day off to drive me there. It was in New Hartley, almost 50 miles away from home.

Having had two letters and, in the last few days, two texts reminding me of the importance of arriving on time, we set off early, stopping en route at the Lakes near Branton to walk Louie. We arrived almost an hour early, so drove a little further to Seaton Sluice, and enjoyed a stroll around the old harbour before heading back to our destination.

The second-opinion doctor was of the opinion that I'd benefit from some specialist physiotherapy, or possibly chiropractic treatment, and will make recommendations to that effect to the insurance company. Sounds good to me, but it will happen if and when the woman who lost control of her car admits liability. (How can you can drive across the middle of the road and crash in to another vehicle and not be liable?!)

Appointment over, we decided to make the most of the day (and the journey), and called in to a specialist tool shop to buy a couple of things that MrM needed for the workshop. Then, after stopping for refreshment, we did a supermarket shop before heading home.

Now to start some cleaning and tidying ready for the weekend...


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