Flower Market

Another busy day today. Got my roots done first thing and then met up with Addie and took her into town to meet up with Ev.

Don't get to hang out alone with little girls too much, so really enjoyed the time. She's a smart little thing.

We met up with Ev's mum for lunch at a dim sum restaurant that none of us had been to. Food was very good, but I think this venue is used for wedding banquets! They put us on the stage!!!

Then a quick manicure, Ev's mum's treat to us all. Really enjoyed the girl time!

Finally off to the Flower Market to buy the flowers for the Easter celebration at church. Addie's first time there. She loved it, the variety of flowers and smells.

Hopefully all the flowers will be nicely blooming by Sunday.

Great day out with the girls.

P.S. finally caught up with the last few days of blipping as well, phew!

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