Penguin Droppings

By gen2

Can it be 500 Already?

I first of all thank those of you who still drop by to look at my blips even though I don't put one up every single day. I am grateful for the hearts and stars you have awarded me and appreciate your comments on my pictures.

I must also apologise for not commenting much on the blips of others which is why I don't subscribe to other journals but I do regularly look in at your masterpieces.

I must of course acknowledge 'Blip Central' for the great job they have done in creating and running this site.

For my 500th blip, I collected as many as possible items from around the house that included '500' and made a photo-collage of them. The base image is made of three banknotes folded and overlapped to show 500 - £5, £10 & £20 from the Clydesdale Bank (Scotland).

I intend to continue blipping in much the same manner as at present.


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