Spring Blooms at the Arboretum

Spring is springing out all over, and it's hard to keep me indoors. Daffodils are blooming everywhere in their frilly, lacy gowns, and the tulips in the big display at the Arboretum are just about to join in the show.

This was my view from a corner of the flower beds. The purple to the left middle is grape hyacinths, there are pink daffodils and tulip buds in the foreground, and those unusual tall things are (according to a blip-friend) Fritillaria Imperialis.

I was smiling when I took this photo: deep-down smiling, way down deep in the very center of my heart and soul. There are many things in life that make me happy, but few are better than a lovely morning, full of hope and promise, amid these beautiful gardens surrounded by spring blooms.

The soundtrack is a pretty tune, such a simple thing, just a man and his guitar. It's the final track on Neil Young's 1992 album Harvest Moon, which I highly recommend: Natural Beauty.

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