2011 photo resolution

By karenanya

Equus Altus

Arrived in Leeds in plenty of time to walk to the venue for my training course. The day was very short as the trainer's husband was very ill in hospital next door to the venue. The day wasn't very well structured and although I'm a bit further on with our problem, we didn't get much chance to practice what we'd learnt. I've now seen how to interrogate the API and should be able to have a go back at the office. 

I'd booked a much later ticket back thinking that the course might overrun. I had 2 and a half hours to kill in Leeds before my train. This horse sculpture was in one of the shopping centres that I wandered through on my city centre tour. Managed to notch up a lot of steps on my fitbit before I headed back to the station. 

Journey home was reasonable but crowded. I disappeared into a book and nearly missed by underground stop at Paddington as I was on the last few pages. 

Home quite late and very tired. I swear the work laptop doubled in weight during the day. 

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