Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Charles Bridge, Prague

After breakfast we had a walk around Prague town and ended up in M&S as there was a sale. After buying a couple of bags of stuff (I had a pair of moleskin trousers for £6) we decided to drop them back at the hotel. Early afternoon we returned walking along the riverbank to Charles Bridge, which is the first bridge built in Prague (started 1357) and a real tourist attraction due to the stone statues (replicas as the original are now indoors to preserve them).

The bridge was heaving and it brought home to me that the best time to see Prague is in the early hours when it's quiet!

The blipfoto is taken at the end of bridge looking through the arch towards the Cathedral. Another street that was packed with tourists!

We ended up in the John Lennon pub for a beer and wine and no sooner had we walked out we bumped into another couple from Winchester whom were on our cruise and are staying in our hotel. After a chat we ended back in the pub with them for another beverage!

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