Sail away

Noticed the first leaf, like a delicate building in Dubai, has come forth on my plumeria, waking up to spring.   Worked in the garden, inspired by blipping others, my rosemary is a shadow of its former self.  Almost all potted plants repotted with more soil.  Consolidated all the aloe vera into one large pot.  Planted new rooted basil and green onions into one long planter.  Repotted the sadly neglected lime tree, pruned it severely, and then sprayed it for the black mildew, white flies and other problems.    Little bit of fertilizer and a thorough soaking for everything.     Filled the new bird feeder which dispenses treats before the birds are ready, so lots of doves on the ground, while the smaller birds learn the necessary skills at the feeder.  Refilled the shallow bowl with black sunflower seeds for the cardinals.
Made chicken soup for dinner.   About to eat and then fall into bed.   See you all tomorrow!

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