2011 photo resolution

By karenanya

Eye Museum

This was the venue for our conference in Amsterdam. Because I had to check out of the hotel, I put my flight bag in one of the museum's lockers - I tested it first to see that it worked and could be reopened. I then went to the rest of the conference and had lunch after the final talks. 

When I came to retrieve my bag, the locker wouldn't open. I went to the reception desk at the museum and a nice lady came to help with her unlocking device. Sadly it didn't work on my locker - but did on all the others. She explained that they'd only been installed the day before. She called the handyman who arrived with a different unlocking device which also failed to open the locker. They then had to phone the company that fitted the lockers to find out what to do. This had taken about 30 mins and I was beginning to fret about getting back to the airport in time. Eventually the locker company phoned back and the handyman went through all the steps again with help over the phone (all in dutch of course, so I had no idea what was happening). After lots of attempts and a bit of brute force, the only solution given by the company was to drill the lock out. The handyman disappeared and then returned with a drill and a helper to shine his phone's torch onto the lock. After a bit of grunting and lots of drilling, the locker finally opened and I was able to retrieve my bag. I was very thankful for their efforts and was pleased to be able to get the ferry back to the central station and then head off to the airport with about 2 and a half hours to go before my flight. 

Security was very tight at the airport and I had to empty just about everything out of my bag and turn my camera on to show it worked. They were doing this with everyone. Nice flight home over fluffy white clouds and then back into Heathrow and the drag back to terminal 5 and the airport bus. Pleased to be home by about 9pm. 

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