By TrevorKing66

Muscles in Matlock bath

The weather seemed to be good enough for a full family trip out to Matlock Bath today. Struggled to get a parking place which is quite the norm, you can see how busy it was from the extra photo. Had a good chippy dinner and then it was off to look around all of the shops. I made the excuse that I would be quite fine standing outside the more crowded shops (basically so that I could watch all the motorbikes going past). Outside one shop the lads decided to pose for the camera, they are a daft lot when the three of them get together.

Vicki decided to take the two younger ones for a cold drink, I decided to take the lads for a cold drink too. Over the road to "The Fish pond" for a pint of Abduction IPA. Needless to say it went down a treat!

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