Light at the end of the Tunnel - continued

Betty asked Benji what that delightful smell was.  Benji sniffed and proclaimed that it was freshly dug carrots.  Ooh we must go out and get those then said Betty..  Benji agreed but said we must be careful that it is not a trap set by Mr McGregor.  Oh said Betty he wouldn't do such a thing would he?   The pair made their way to the   tunnel entrance.  Betty spied the carrots and said come on Benji there are plenty of carrots there and I can't see Mr McGregor.  OK said Benji but we must be very careful. 
They left the tunnel together and be continued

Thanks to KG for helping out again

Well I had a busy morning - did some washing, pickled some onions made sausage rolls and bread fort ea and cooked the lunch.  And helped KG set up the tableau.    Looking forward to the race now.

Sunny mornign but a bit overcast this afternoon and still that cold wind

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