Elf House

I had been looking forward to a period of rest before packing to go home to Orkney at the end of the month but it was not to be so. MiL requested that we meet up with the Pocklington arm of the Family Loft on Mother's Day at an establishment near Barnard Castle and sooo... off we went again!

I had an epiphany regarding our National Trust membership, about which we had been feeling a little sulky due to its having been misrepresented to us (another story for another day). What could fit better with our travelling lifestyle than ur NT card? Car parks to park in, coffee shops to refresh... far better than the hurly burly of roadside service stations.

We planned in this stop at Acorn Bank Garden on our way down to our pubstop at the Fox Hall Inn further down the A66. The right time of year to visit as Acorn Bank is well known for its daffs.

I had not known about the Elf Houses in the woods. This is one of many.

Acorn Bank did not help my Great Scone Survey, they had none. I had the tea-soaked fruit cake instead.

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