By wellsforzoe

Pump for a village and a school

27th March 2017:

The  village and the school had a lot of problems on  how to get water for cooking and drinking . Children had to carry water from home in small bottles for drinking .Women and girls who should be in school had to rise as early as 3am and had to walk 4 kilometres to queue to get contaminated water . Now since W4Z has installed a pump in the area they are so thankful and now School children are getting water very near.


District: Mzimba
Area:  Kamuteteka
Village: Kamwazamuchenga
Distance from factory:  136 km
Depth of well:  4.5 meters
Former water source: open well
Furthest from well:  700 meters
Number served:  120 families and a primary school
Preschool:  10 mins
Primary school:  10 mins
Secondary school:  90 mins

S: 11 49 16,  
E: 33 20 26


Linted  Gausi : 0888203080


Bon Secours Community,  Cork, Ireland

Pump Number:

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