Market Town Life

By ClarityEye

Beer Bear & Bicycles

Much bike activity, which the lad seems to be finding a bit stressful, because he starts the frame spraying and then it rains. So everything has to be moved into the kitchen for a bit. Don't ask me why it can't go into the man cave garage! I persuaded him to join the local cyclist group for the 40k ride. He got a KOM (King of the Mountain) record on Strava App which is a big thing apparently. He feels it's not deserved though because he was being pulled by the wind drag of the others, or something! It turns out though that riding at 29.5 mph for 3 miles and 25 for 7 miles makes you tired and grumpy later on!
I was also tired today. Put on my running stuff in the morning but then just pottered about doing chores and errands. Here's a snap of the Beer Bear which has opened 100 yards away. More like a cafe than a pub and they were doing cake too! Will it survive? Not sure as there are plenty pubs in the town, although none specialising in craft ales.
Salmon, roast peppers and chips in the evening because I was feeling like a lazy bones!
World events still unsettling.
Loving the time off though, despite losing my energy mojo! Hope you're all enjoy the break ladies and gentlemen x

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