Photo-a-day retirement

By mpp26

Two sides of sunrise - Lake Tekapo

Beautiful still morning, so walked down to the lake for sunrise - along with a large number of very serious photographers, with enough gear to stock a camera shop. Because I wasn't on a photographic trip and had no tripod, I didn't really feel I could join them - some even had two tripods and two (in one case three!) cameras. so I walked on to the lake edge. There I ran into another young Asian man who looked at me and said "No tripod?" I said no and he said I've not got tripod, I've got rock! And sure enough there was his camera sitting on a large rock. I hope he got a really good photo.

I took the red sunrise, but later, after most of the photographers had left,   it turned to gold and completely different light. Have put the second shot in extras.

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